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Our story

Once upon a time......well this isn't quite that kind of story. Our company started in 2015 shortly after I looked for an enhanced class and found out I would have drive 3 hours to go to one. While that's not completely unheard of in our area I knew I couldn't be the only one who wanted training in the area. So I decided to become an instructor. A little back story on me first. I enlisted into the South Dakota Army National Guard in 2001 promptly deployed to Iraq in 2003 for around 18 months. That was when I got my first formal training more than ”close an eye and shoot the can” and a little bit of 4H shooting sports. As I kept on I found out I really enjoyed training people on weapons, eventually taking on instructor duties for my unit. That was in 2008. In 2016 I became a NRA pistol instructor and shortly thereafter an SD deadly force instructor ( that's the name of the class the enhanced permit instructors have to take). So that's where we started. In 2019 we brought on Jacob Rosecky on as an additional instructor and I'll let him tell his own story. Now, of course, there is more than that but it's some of the highlight reel. I still love to train people and that's the real reason why we do this. Our company was founded on a firm belief that one should take steps to make sure they can defend themselves and strive to be proficient at it. Well that's about enough from me so with that. Carry on and stay safe.

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